Friday, May 13, 2011

Are you planning a Solar PV system for home or small business?

First and foremost – you need to figure out if your site can accommodate a solar pv array so that it operates at or near its rated efficiency. If your site conditions (roof of your home or business, backyard, etc) will limit the electricity production even by 20-25% – everything else is irrelevant and solar is probably not for you.

Step 1 – Determining if your site can accommodate a solar photovoltaic system
  • Southern Exposure
  • Shading
  • Size of your roof
Step 2 – Figuring out the size (in Watts) of your future Solar PV System
  • How many Kilowatts do I need?
Step 3 – How to choose equipment for your solar system
  • Choose the longest-lasting and best performing solar panels, inverter(s), control units, production monitors, etc.
Average residential solar installation is 2-4 kW system which usually eliminates 50-70% of electric power that you purchase. However those installations are still dependent on additional electricity. Commercial solar installations can range from 10 kW to over 1 MW (1 megawatt = 1000 kW).

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